More than ever, in this tough economic climate, commercial success and financial stability are of the upmost importance. As you know, without engaged and motivated employees success and stability is unachievable, so it makes perfect sense to invest in your employees to be the best they can be. At Northstar, we understand that every penny spent on employee development needs to engage and develop your talent; our challenges are proven to build great teams, great individuals and develop key business skills.

Building Great Teams

At the heart of everything we do is a focus on building strong business
. Our events work because we strike the right balance; we take
people out of their comfort zones and put them into a productive,
positive and yet challenging environment that enables them to ‘stretch’
themselves. In this heightened emotional state, learning is improved;
people take more on board and remember more. Our challenge events
break down barriers and inspire teams of people to pull together and
collectively reach a new level of performance. Consistent customer
feedback shows teams who have experienced our challenge events have
a much greater understanding of their own and their colleague’s strengths
and weaknesses as a result of their experience.

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can be defined as the degree of positive
or negative emotional attachment an employee has to their
organisation, their job and their colleagues, which strongly influences
their willingness to participate fully in the success of the business they
work in. As you know, the power employee engagement contributes to the
attainment of business aims cannot be under-estimated. Northstar
recognises that you cannot demand engagement in employees, you can
however, increase the likelihood of your employees feeling engaged with your
organisation. It is the aim of Northstar to use our team challenge events to
assist organisations in optimising employee engagement. They will inspire
employees, raise morale and company pride, and give your business that
competitive edge.

Developing Core Business Skills

Our events are regularly used to compliment and support
internal learning & development programmes. They can be tailored
to target the key learning skills that you wish to develop within your
organisation. With all our challenges the key to success is to plan and
execute the right strategy for your team, encourage clear
communication, and lateral thinking whilst taking into account the
skills and talents of each team member. A vital component of each
challenge is the ability to make quick decisions under pressure, with teams
often having to think on their feet and adapt to a changing situation, forcing
teams (as in business) to make smart judgements in order to outwit the
competition. Our challenges are specifically designed to test a range of
key skills including leadership and negotiation essential core skills to take
back into the workplace (see the full range of skills tested).

Talent Development

Not content with maintaining the status quo, top performing businesses
seek to move forward at every opportunity. Talent development and the
continuing positive management of this talent is central to this, as talented
individuals can raise the bar, taking organisations to the next level.
Northstar challenge events can assist in the identification and
development of talent within your company, supporting you to develop
talented individuals that will help drive your business forward to further

Company wide Engagement

Our events can be used to support internal company change, building
relationships within teams, across departments and between different
company divisions. They have also been used to develop external
partnerships with events made up of mixed teams comprised of clients,
suppliers and other business partners. Companies can also use our
events to support corporate social responsibility; they have been
used to support company health & fitness cultures and to raise valuable
funds for ‘charity of the year’ partnerships.

A Final Thought

We understand that by developing and engaging your staff you will be helping to future proof your organisation, providing longevity in a competitive market. We fully support the business axiom, “If you’re standing still, you’re going backwards”, falling behind your more progressive and forward thinking competitors. Our events support the positive engagement of your most expensive, yet most valuable commodity (your employees) and we feel this is the key to success.

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